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Failed twice!

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I haven't found anyone that has passed it yet which does not promote confidence at all LOL

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Well, to be fair, I took it twice while not at all studying. I had two vouchers to burn. Got a new job that deals heavily with Expressway, so I'm hoping to nail it in July!

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What have you been using to study? I found that the FLG is very stale, and I have better results with white papers, config guides, SRND's, and labbing things up.

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I have the FLG. Read through it, but it's dry AF. I was watching some of the older CIPT2 videos from IPExpert, cause that covers a good bit of the blueprint. Currently working on putting a lab together that will allow multi clusters so I can practice some stuff that I just never do in production. Hopefully my boss will approve it soon so I can get to work. I only have until Aug 29 to convert.

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Honestly I feel that reading the SRNDs/config guides/white papers is a much better study option over the FLG and OCG. Sometimes going that much deeper into a topic helps keep intrest and open your eyes to the bigger picture.

It's my biggest gripe with the CCNA/CCNP tracks.

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So I took this today. Got pretty loaded at Cisco Live, and around 1030 local time last night, I realized my exam was today, not weds like I thought. Spent about 7 hours between last night, and this morning, skipped the mornings class, and sat the exam. It was not pretty, in fact it was horrible. One of the hardest tests I have taken just because about 50% of the technology I have no hands-on with, only what I read about.

Regardless, 878/860. Pretty sure that if I almost failed.

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Congrats! Sounds like you should get drunk the night before any test!

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